Web Design

Open Door Site Screencap 6.11.14

The Open Door, Inc.

The Open Door Housing, Inc. is a wonderful hidden gem in Pittsburgh. They provide housing and a multitude of services to clients living with HIV/AIDS in the Northside of the city. I was very fortunate to have the input of their Executive Director and Board in the creation of this WordPress-supported site, hosted on DreamHost (who will host 501(c)3’s sites for free).


Coro Site Screencap 9.29.14

Coro Center for Civic Leadership

If you work in public affairs, nonprofits, education, or outreach in Pittsburgh, odds are you’ve heard of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership, also known as Coro Pittsburgh. As of September 2014, I am serving as their Outreach Manager. Back in August 2014, I did some consulting work including design, fundraising, and alumni records. This site is responsive, which I verified with emulator-based browser testing.  In addition to developing a new WordPress site theme, I secured a free hosting account with DreamHost and connected them to a TechSoup account.

Social Media

My first social media initiative for Coro was to develop the #CoroStory campaign, which increased Facebook engagement by 500% within one week and led to Coro’s most popular post ever. I developed the campaign as part of my recruitment efforts for both Women in Leadership and the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs. I would like to think that both recruitment efforts were successful, as 1) the Women in Leadership class I recruited was diverse and has a higher than normal retention rate and 2) Fellowship in Public Affairs applications increased by 50% from the previous year, the greatest increase seen nationwide.


In addition to my AP Style blogging in the past, as the Outreach Manager for Coro Pittsburgh, I contribute content to the blog as an author and editor. You can see some of the work authored by me here. I am particularly proud of the way I approached the write-up of Selection Day, the recruitment event I planned, called Selection Day by the Numbers.