In the summer of 2011, I briefly interned for The Celebrity Cafe and their sister sites, ToThe Center (news and politics), Sportsrageous (sports), and Stay-at-Home Mom Answers. Though my main role was to create 20 articles a week, I was also tasked with social media promotion of the articles.

Two of the movie review threads  that I created, “Retro Classics” and “Movies that are Actually About the Clothes,” are still in use on the site today.

TV, Film, and Music Reviews:
Retro classics: ‘Wait Until Dark’, 9/17/2011
‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Recap: Don’t Hate the Player, 8/8/2011
‘Jersey Shore,’ Italian-style: Season 4 premiere, 8/5/2011
British import ‘Misfits’ is a must-watch on Hulu, 8/1/2011
Movies that are actually about the clothes: ‘What a Way to Go!’, 7/23/2011
‘Insidious’ now on Blu-ray/DVD, 7/12/2011
Movies with numbers (in twenty words or less), 7/11/2011
Why to watch ‘Hollywood Treasure’, 7/10/2011
Movies that are actually about the clothes: ‘The Brothers Bloom’, 7/10/2011
Movies that are actually about the clothes: ‘Sex and the City’ (1 and 2), 7/10/2011
Movies That Are Actually About Clothes: ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ (1999), 7/4/2011
‘Bunny and the Bull’ Movie Review: Now on Netflix, 5/16/2011
‘Suits’ Recap: Pilot episode, 6/26/2011

News Items:
Is Lindsay Lohan after Chris Brown?, 8/30/2011
Could there be a Rihanna sex tape?, 8/26/2011
Famous Gilberts split with their respective partners, 8/26/2011
Former ‘Brady Bunch’ star’s surprising new memoir, 6/27/2011
Mom at center of Botox hoax now in counseling, 6/27/2011
‘Book of Mormon’ wins big at Tony Awards, 6/13/2011
Harold Camping failed to predict own stroke, 6/13/2011
Jennifer Aniston is officially hot, 6/6/2011
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son injured, 6/6/2011
Lauryn Hill expecting child number six, 6/6/2011
The Go-Go’s comeback hits a snag, 6/5/2011
Piers Morgan and wife expecting baby, 6/5/2011
Richie Sambora leaves rehab, rejoins Bon Jovi, 6/5/2011
’16 and Pregnant’ star has little sympathy for mother after arrest, 6/5/2011
Bono doesn’t want to pay his taxes, deals with protest, 6/5/2011
Octomom’s doctor put out of business, 6/3/2011Lily Allen launches clothing line, 5/30/2011
Sean Kingston, female friend in jet-ski crash, 5/30/2011
Mariah Carey investigated by children’s services, 5/27/2011
‘Teen Mom’s’ Gary Shirley arrested, 5/25/2011
Harold Camping’s Rapture re-scheduled?, 5/24/2011
Journalist mom fired over “Glee” concert mishap
Schwarnegger’s illegitimate child behind divorce with Shriver, 5/17/2011

Why I watch ‘Strange Sex’, 6/12/2011
‘All Good Things’ review, 5/23/2011
At what point does punishment become abuse?
Would you drink a beer while breast-feeding?
How does time management play into your day?
Would you get your kids plastic surgery?